Vigrx plus original vs fake


There are a lot of fake products in the market place that’s same to see with original. So indubitably it’s very hard to distinguish between fake & main VigRx plus. Here I am referring some remarkable sign to recognize copy & origin product.

  1. How to look the box both fake & main products?

Here are many sign to recognize the main or fake. The design, logo of the main pack look like new & soft, smooth to see then fake. The counterfeited pone like faded to see. The package design is uneven, staccato and much dissimilarity to look in the comparison of prime.

  1. How to look the blister set of the pills? There are the blister set of pill that is scratched and many pills already shown you may see before broke the capsule hole and the blister thickness is so thin. But the main products blister is strong no one pill hole are affected.
  2. How to look inside of the both pills? The major sign is it looks like to see brownish/ brown and herbs blend if you broke in middle of the capsule. But in the duplicate is totally soft white. It is the main differences of those products.
  3. Check the verification code: The last one is code verification. In the body of box a code had referred and main web address also. You just go to Google and type the address click the verification system then enter the packed code then see what happened is it right or wrong.

After all you have to justify the marketplace, main, duplicate before buying then go ahead and buy. Inspite of these safety if you cheated by someone or buy fake vigRx you should as soon as possible contact the seller point.